Saturday, December 6, 2008

Using Forums To Advertise Without Spamming

A wonderful way to spread the word of your booth, website or store is to take advantage of using a signature line in forum posts. This works especially well when you are trying to hit a target market. For example a seller tonight on Bonanzle was asking for advice on getting more sales. I noticed many of his items listed were collector type comic books. This is a perfect situation to use forums to advertise. However most the forums you want to target do not allow spamming and you will get booted out quicker than your second post if you show up and say "I sell comic books come look".

Tips for using forums to advertise without spamming

1. Google forums along with keywords relevant to what your selling. Using the seller above as an example I will say google "Comic Book Collector Forum" you will come back with many results.

2. Check out some of the forums. Check to see how active they are. If nobody has been posting for months now do not even bother. Check to see if they allow signature lines with links. Normally in most forums it is okay to have a link in your signature line. Some forums however do not allow ANY links at all even in signatures. You will want to stay away from these.

3. Once you have found a few target forums with good traffic that will allow you to have a signature line sign up and post an introduction. Most of them will have a forum thread just for this. When posting your introduction do not come off like a sales pitch. Using the comic book example: Let them know who you are, where your from, how long you have been collecting comics, when your interest in comics was first sparked, your favorite comic books, your least favorite, how many you have in your own collection, ones you have been looking for. You can also mention very slightly how you run a comic booth online in order to support your own comic book purchasing habits ha ha ha.

4. Look around for other posts in the forum that you can reply to in a genuine way. If you look at it as a way to advertise that is how you will come off. Look for posts that interest you, ones you have an opinion about. Reply to these posts in an honest sincere way. Do not mention your booth at all. (only that little link in signature line)

5. Get to know other people on the forum have fun and be friendly. All the time while meeting new people and having fun you are getting your link out there to people who do enjoy the things you sell or need the things you sell and you are not spamming them with just another sales pitch.

6. Watch for "Wanted" posts. These type of posts are okay to post a response to letting them know if you happen to have what they are looking for. It is also a good idea to give a discount to:
"Hey I am looking for Batman edition 72" (I have no idea what I am talking about ha) Then you reply with "What a small world I happen to have that issue listed in my booth over on Bonanzle (or wherever) and its in mint condition, since I know you from here if you want it I will give you a 15% discount".

NEVER go in with a "I am here to make money off these people" attitude. It will not get you far. You may make life long friends and sales at the same time. Who could ask for more?

(Most of my blogs I use Bonanzle as an example. It is one of my favorite sites out there and the main one I sell on. Most things I write about can be applied anywhere however)


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