Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bonanzle Voted Best eBay Alternative Of 2008

This I must say does not surprise me in the least. Back in July Bonanzle won as the Best eBay alternative site by Ecommerce Guide. It was obvious then Bonanzle was well on it's way and has been proving itself over and over again each passing day with it's amazing growth.

Now Bonanzle has been named yet again the Best eBay Alternative site, this time by the readers vote for Best eBay alternative of 2008 at SmallBusinessComputing.
In their words Bonanzle was "The runaway winner in the eBay Alternative category" so as we can see it was not even a close finish. Apparently Bonanzle topped the charts in votes! To me being a seller and buyer on Bonanzle I can see why they are winning the awards and topping the charts as I see it first hand as a user all of the time.

Way to go Bonanzle! Those of us over on Bonanzle already have known from our own experience that they are by far the best alternative, but to win this has to have Bill Harding feeling very proud, as he should be since Bonanzle is his site, and what he has created with his perfect blend of shopping,socializing & simplicity is, well it is simply outstanding.

You can view the results of the Small Business Computing awards here
2009 Awards: Readers Pick the Best Small Business Tech Tools

Thank you to the great minds who have given us all at Bonanzle THE BEST eBay Alternative by far!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bonanzle: Social Medias Quickly Growing Alternative to eBay

Each day so many articles and blogs are being written across the internet about Bonanzle. And here is a great write up about Bonanzle I wanted to share a link to here on my blog with my readers. I hope you enjoy. Please while you are there rate the article. Thank you

Bonanzle: Social Medias Quickly Growing Alternative to eBay