Friday, December 5, 2008

I Made My Business Cards For My Booth Or Store Now What?

I have come across so many ideas on how to advertise over the years. On Oct 31st I joined a wonderful new site that goes by the name of Bonanzle. If you have not heard of them yet just read my other writings here in my blog to find out all about them.

Well on Bonanzle the ideas of ways to advertise are common conversation between sellers. Which got me to thinking about all of the ideas I have seen there along with all of the ideas I have seen over the years. I wanted to put a little something together to help get the gears turning for people wondering about ways to advertise with business cards. I am going to share here some of the ideas I have used or have seen others use.

For todays blog I am going to talk about Business cards - This is an obvious way to advertise BUT once people get those cards made up a lot of times they are not sure where to place them out there or who to give them to. I say EVERYWHERE & EVERYONE!

- The library
- The hair salon
- The nail salon
- Making loot bags for your child's party or class? Put your card in there
- Sending out Christmas cards? - Insert your card in them (even better make special Holiday design cards and insert those)
- Take a trip to local flea markets share your card with booth owners. Leave a couple here and there like on the table in the food court type areas or phone booths
- leave a couple on the phone booth outside your post office (most have them) OR forget some there with the packaging supplies and labels table at the post office when your there
- Taking your pup to the vet? Ask if you can leave some of your cards on the counter there (especially good if you sell any type of pet products)
- Doctors appt ? Yep even there. You can leave some cards in the lobby, or you can even ask your favorite receptionist if you can leave some on the counter there.
- Laundromat - Go back once a week and leave more cards. I know personally when I have had my washer or dryer break and had to go there I tend to read everything in the place in boredom waiting on my clothes.

Just a few suggestions. Basically anywhere you go through your day is an opportunity to place some of your cards on a counter, a table, a booth etc. Also everyone you meet through your day is another person you can give your card to. Get to talking with people. In my case selling on Bonanzle now I would find a way to bring up Bonanzle in the conversation. Sometimes its not possible, but the times you can you have just made contact with a potential customer.

Taking the time to go to the post office to ship instead of dropping after hours or scheduling a pick up is also a great time for advertisement. Every time I have gone into the post office while standing in line I meet other online sellers. Most online sellers are also people who purchase online as well. It is very easy to get talking with someone else who sells online. Always before parting ways be sure to give them your card.

The park, yep even the park is a chance to spread the word. When taking your children to the park you normally wind up talking to at least one other parent. If you sell any kind of children's items this is a great connection. Just be natural, have fun, talk and when the opportunity arises don't be afraid to mention your booth or store. When the other parent mentions how the economy is just so bad its been hard to pull Christmas together this year. I would take that opportunity to mention Bonanzle where I happen to sell and I know of many other booths there offering great sales and combined shipping discounts too and how I got many stocking stuffers for my daughter this year there for very little money. I would pull out my card and say, here this is the site. Point to my URL and say thats my booth there please stop by and say hi if you visit there. I would tell her about how the booths have a chat feature to talk to sellers and to leave me a message if I am not there at the time.

There are so many chances in the course of a day that you are out there in the world interacting with others that you can get the word out and do it without sounding like a walking advertisement. That part is important. Thats why I say be friendly and have fun. Let it NOT be your mission, let it be a way to meet new people and in addition to meeting new people sharing your business card and information with them so the advertising is more like a side effect instead of the main goal.

There are a million more ways to share your business card BUT this is meant to get your brain brewing and help you to come up with the many possibilities.

Hope this helps some. I will blog more about ways to advertise so keep an eye out. You will see I never shut up :)

Head on over to Bonanzle join in the fun and let them know KimsKorner sent you. Thank you
(and don't forget to stop by my booth and say hi)


  1. I am astounded at your creativity, can I send you some of my cards too? Just kidding. I love your template too.

  2. Some places I haven't even though about. Going to steal your ideas. Hope you don't mind from one bonanzler to another :)