Saturday, December 6, 2008

No Sales? There Could Be Many Reasons Why That You Can Fix

I have seen complaining about sales on site forums as long as I can remember. It has happened everywhere. Heck I have even seen it on the big old Eb*y site forums. For 10 years I have read the same things over and over about no sales I am jumping ship and giving up without even ever really giving it a good shot. When I go to look at their profiles, stores, booths I find many things that could easily explain the problem at hand.

Recently on one of my favorite sites that I sell on "Bonanzle" I have read some sellers complain "no sales I am closing up shop". I am always curious I cannot help it. I have to go look and see. I always try to encourage those wanting to give up without sounding insulting in any way. I do however have to point some things out. I do not do this to be mean. I am far from perfect and need the advise of others many times as well.

I know some will say well I was selling over at such and such. Hmmmm then why were you looking for a new venue to begin with if everything was going so well? Million dollar question there.

As far as those who are perplexed and do not understand why they are not getting sales. I am writing this for you. Once again not to insult only to help you achieve your goal of selling those items and making money for yourself & your family.

When I go and check out profiles of people wanting to give up this is what I find:

1. They have been there less than 2 weeks (have not given it a chance to even work)

2. Come to find out they never did the google base feed (thats a free way to be seen sitting right there and increased traffic and sales hugely). On Bonanzle if you cannot figure it out - heck I could not - Send an email to Mark with your google base email & password and your Bonanzle booth name he will set it up for you. Now thats above and beyond customer service there!

3. They joined a month ago or less ago and listed less than 15 items in their booth (you barely have any inventory how can you complain your 15 items are not selling in an endless see of online items for sale) In all seriousness, expand your inventory get more listings up. Give your customer a selection. Add new items at least once a week. Give them a reason to keep checking back. If they come back a couple of times to see the same things, they wont bother to keep coming back in the future.

4. They have not filled in their profile, imported feedback, simply threw a few items up with one sentence descriptions and no combined percentage off sales, no combined shipping nothing. (this looks very fly by night to me and I would not purchase)

5. They are complaining in the chat in their own booth about lack of sales (again not a good thing for a prospective customer to see upon entering your booth, they are going to wonder what is wrong with your items or you that you are not getting sales) Keep that chat in your booth friendly. Welcome your customer, encourage them to leave you a message, let them know you combine shipping, let them know if you gift wrap etc.

6. The pictures! Oh my this is a big one. I have seen pictures that I can barely make out what the item is. Pictures speak a thousand words. Lets not have them screaming the wrong things with blurry out of focus and dark images or piles of junk in the background of the photo. Take clear pictures, edit them with a photo editor if need be. Bonanzle has a cropping tool built in CROP out those boxes of stuff in the background. Let the photo be of the item you are selling not the piles of stuff in the background. You want the focus on your item up for grabs not the background.

7. Boys Shorts Blue - That is not a title that is going to make someone click and check out more. Okay I admit I don't always use all of the space provided and sometimes get hung up on what to put in the title. Please though put as many key words as you can - Boys Blue Shorts Sz 2 Osh Kosh Elastic Waist - Might seem simple, but trust me it helps in a big way.

Laziness is the key to why many sales are lost. I fall into the trap myself many times. Pull out the tape measurer. Measure the length of the necklace, get a ring sizer (ask any avon seller to order one for you) list the size of the ring. Pictures do not always show accurate size of a pin or pendant take the photo of them next to a ruler or a quarter or penny. So people can see the approximate size.

If we are to succeed in anything we do it will be through hard work, trial and error and not giving up. This stands true for life in general and certainly for online sales. There are times where you might feel you have done everything you can possibly do and still come up short. Thats when you instead of giving up brainstorm to come up with even more ideas. Maybe your items are not what people are looking for right now. Keep in mind we are in a recession. Some things that might have done great a year ago will be hard sells now. Keep an open mind to change as times change we must change with them to continue to be successful. The time will come again when shoppers are making the impulse purchases but we have to face facts right now is not that time in most cases.

I hope this helped at least one person to decide to look over their approach and helped them fix up their Bonanzle booth, website or store and in turn bring them in some sales.


  1. Very well put! I hope you'll direct some of the woebegone sellers in the forums to this article. Selling items, especially in an economy like this, is usually not going to happen unless the seller gives it an honest effort by doing steps just like these.


  2. Amen! ....Bonanzle is a great site to sell on BUT People think all you have to do is put it up and it will sell....yes there is that time or two that will happen...but for the most part it takes time, dedication and alot of work behind the that that makes one say "Had another sale!"

  3. Kim, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It sums up everything that I have wanted to holler from the peanut gallery.

    There will be a day when you can "put it up and they will come", and millions of people WILL benefit from that metric.

    Right now you need to bust your tail, and know what to do, and be active in the community. This will always help, but it gets a little easier for everyone, each day, because everyone is working for everyone else's common good.

    Thank you for your always positive and encouraging thoughts, and comments!