Sunday, December 7, 2008

Purrfectly Natural Cat Treats AND Waggin Tails & Wet Noses

UPDATE: Purrfectly Natural Gourmet Kitty Treats are Now Available

Orders have been coming in and shipments going out to happy customers stop by
KimsKorner and see our Kitty Treats Category. Available in multiple flavors and package sizes. We are offering extra small size treats at this time perfect for even the smallest of kitty's.

This is something that has been in the works for a while now, but its important to be prepared when preparing foods for furbabies. My dear friend Shasta has been making treats for the furry friend community for years. Shasta mainly sold locally in a shop in her town, and has been making her own puppy pals treats for a very long time. Recently she began selling her treats online in her Bonanzle booth. Shasta decided it was best for her furry customers if she focused on the pup end and trained me in the kitty treat market. You can right now see her pup treats which come in all shapes and sizes here:
Waggin Tails & Wet Noses

Shasta makes healthy & tasty organic treats for dogs all over the world now. She does not like using Soy as vets advise against it for dogs with allergies, she will however include soy when requested. In addition she advised me not be fooled by extremely cheap treats being offered as organic treats as even when purchasing at wholesale costs organic ingredients are higher priced than a generic ordinary treat. Sometimes the lowest cost is NOT the best choice. I now know through training she is 100% right. You cannot skimp when it comes to making sure our babies have the best.

Shasta and her own furry babies would love for you to stop by and visit. She welcomes all questions and even has special Treat of The Month club memberships she offers.

I give a BIG Thank you to her for all of her training that has now made it possible for me to add Purrrfectly Natural Cat Treats to my booth by the end of this coming week. We are very excited about this and so our the babies in our home (our kitty's). As a bonus our oldest kitty is super picky, which we will KNOW for sure how tasty the treats are from our finicky taste tester :)

So be on the look out no later than December 14th For the Kitty end of Waggin Tails & Wet Noses to arrive in KimsKorner booth on Bonanzle --
Purrrfectly Natural Cat Treats --

Thank you all.

UPDATE 12/19/2008
The Kitty treats are delayed but we are expecting to be offering them after Christmas sometime soon.

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