Sunday, November 30, 2008

Are There Ways To Work From Home With No Start Up Cost?

Well for no start up cost which is also a problem for me as well there are some out there that you can make work and that are not scams. They do take work though. There is selling things on eBay (but with their listing fees there is still technically money being put in with possibility of no sales). There is Bonanzle which I personally love because you can sell things from your closets, attic, kids clothes they grew out of, things your family and friends need to clean out and don't want anymore AND they don't charge you to list so you are HONESTLY not paying anything unless you make money, something called a final value fee when you make a sale and even better it is a very low one at that.

There is couponing for cash. Which still you would want to use Bonanzle or craigslist or some women use just garage sales to sell the stock they build up. Best places to do this is CVS & Walgreens. You collect your coupons every Sunday get organized and each week set up plans to do the extra care buck deals & register reward deals at CVS & Walgreens. You can get most items free or for pennies on the dollar. Especially high priced shampoos and other H&B items that you can then resell for a couple to a few dollars each and some people make a killing that way. If you really get into this you are going to want a spare room or garage to store all of your stock as your building it up. This is also a way to save money on things you need like razors, tampons etc. I have not had to actually purchase a razor or tampons, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, cleaning products, cold medicine, and much more in months now by using coupons and sales. It is time consuming and takes a while to really fully get the hang of it. I am not a pro yet but have saved hundreds upon hundreds of dollars doing it and made money on the items I did not need and resold them. I did not even have to buy diapers for about 2-3 months because I had gotten them all free combining Walgreen's sale, Walgreen's coupon in their rebate book, and a coupon they had in their pharmacy red flier thing a while back. Some parents wound up getting enough diapers to last them until their child is through potty training (those are the coupon queen pros lol).

If your looking for something that you can make spare cash here and there and can write a little. Try it wont make you rich by far but by writing articles for them the money does add up over time. Same as both of these are not scams but they are not full time employment type things either.

I have also made money on probably around 60.00 or so now if I remember correctly. And I made 68.00 on there. They both are sites that do pay out. It is tedious and boring and a lot of clicking and you will want to make separate email accounts for each of them and ONLY enter your home phone number for the survey site (example cash lagoon) to confirm your account to get paid DO NOT off site when doing the surveys and sign ups, so you do not get telemarketing calls. Another smart tip with these is to clear your cache between the offers you do. I only do the completely free offers. Sometimes there will be some that do not credit. Don't fret it. This is something to do when you have a bit of time to sit and click, click,click away. At first you will think "All this clicking and I get what a quarter" but trust me it adds up.

If you are looking for something more full time there are jobs with no investment you can do from home with internet access that is anything higher than dial up connection and a phone line. I think there is one that a friend mentioned to me where you can do the data entry without even a phone line to start out. I am looking into those more but I am compiling the list for myself and will blog about it as well. You apply to these like you would any other job. They either hire you or they don't and you do not pay them to work for them. I know people who are doing at least 5 different ones (different people). I am planning on getting into it but have not gotten the places to apply or made the list just simply because my son was still too little and I did not know how I would do it with him screaming in background if I had to do calls.

Just this morning I found out about work at home opportunities with 1-800-flowers. Its in states that they have regional offices. It is worth looking into if it's in your area or not as they offer positions from home for about 9.00 an hour 30-40 hours a week. The job is to take calls for peoples orders and customer service.

They are out there I promise you. Yes there are some places you have to make an investment even if they are legit. I cannot personally do those as I do not have the money to invest BUT not every place that asks for money is a scam. You just have to look at WHY they are asking for money. DO they send you a start up package? Samples of a product things like that. Then it is a reasonable request that they do not want to just send these things to everyone for free, they would lose a lot of money that way.

Research is important. Especially if it is something you are going to be investing money in or a lot of time. Make sure it has worked for someone else and you see proof of it before jumping in. And in todays economy its best not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Take it from a mom 2 inches from going under constantly for about a year now. Things are just crazy right now and we have to do whatever we can to make ends meet. We also have to stick together and try to help each other out when we can. Like the Bonanzle site I belong to I have made over 30 sales there with things that I did not need that I just had in my house, and some left over from days of selling on eBay. Nope I am not striking it rich but I did not have too much to sell either. Don't think you have NOTHING to sell, you can sell old books, old clothes, trinkets, costume jewelry all kinds of things so if you need to make some cash and possibly turn it into a business it is well worth a shot especially since you can list and not pay anything to do so. Or if your crafty or have a unique product of your own such as an e-book or any service like Tarot reading, banner making, website building etc. it is also a very good bet. You need to be able to offer great sales in todays economy to compete with other sellers. The money I am making goes towards bills so I am hoping to win the referral thing over there this month to help with Christmas. Everything helps.

You will find more blogs by me here in the near future about working at home, about Bonanzle, and about how to start selling books on amazon too. I will even be blogging about some off the wall little business's I have had over the years off the internet as well as on.

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