Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Honor Of Everything but the Ordinary Blog Day

Today is the Everything But The Ordinary Blog Day. Now why is Bonanzle different? Why is it the place everyone is flocking to? Why do the members fall in love with this site? Heres some simple reasons...

* Easy sign up
* Easy one page listings
* Socialize, Sell & Buy all in the same spot
* Helpful & friendly members
* Many sellers you will find offer layaways
* Many sellers offering gift certificates
* Many forms of payment able to be accepted
* Sellers can import listings from ebay & Craigslist
* The feeling of being in control of your business again
* BONANZAS (Special sales booths hold great way to find awesome bargains)
* Tickle Me Tuesday another Bonanzle event to find special savings
* Weekday & Weekend challenges YEP even MORE special savings
* Personalized customer support from the site when needed
* Membership growing each day by leaps & bounds
* FREEBIES - Yes you can find FREE items in many sellers booths
* Sellers able to accept OFFERS and make DEALS because they are not paying a huge amount in fees.

The list of wonderful things about Bonanzle can go on and on. Just see my more detailed blog posts about Bonazle & about Tickle Me Tuesday to find out even more.

For now take a peek at some of the items you can find on Bonanzle right now each one is from a different booth and just think this is only a drop in the bucket.

Need a New Voodoo Doll?

Did You Miss Obama Make History Washington Post

Or Pick Up Some Adorable Christmas Charms

Even Aprons For Your Dishsoap Bottle

Stylish Unique Hand Made Reversible Baby Bibs

Even One Of A Kind Hand Made Purses

You can find all kinds of things on Bonanzle from the everyday needs, to the just have to have its! You can find the What on earth is its and the rare hard to find its! best of all You can find IT whatever IT is at a great deal or make an offer to a seller for one item or a BUNCH! Saving you tons of money!

Hope to see you over there. I could post more pictures and tell you even more but why not just stop by and see for yourself. The links to sign up on Bonanzle and my own booth are all over my blog so come on if you are reading this you know you just gotta see what this BONANZLE thing is all about.


  1. I love shopping on Bonanzle! I have found the most unique items and great deals!

  2. Bonanzle is the future of online selling AND buying...a very cool hip site! Friendly....and haunted:)

    Check it out!

  3. I am having Fun buying unique items on Bonanzle! It's true, you can find everything but the ordinary!

  4. What a beautiful blog. So much useful info! I too have started to list on Bonanzle and although no sales yet (site is very new) I am truly impressed at the site's ease of use and simplicity.

    Funky Outsider Art