Monday, November 17, 2008

Tickle Me Tuesday On Bonanzle

Looking forward to my second time participating in this event on Bonanzle. Its called Tickle me Tuesday or TMT for short. Sellers sign up to join in the fun and a list is compiled of everyone playing. Each person involved offers a special of some sort. Some offer free shipping, others a percentage off of your order, and others free gifts. The idea of TMT is for the players to visit other booths participating and tag items in their booths. So say I stop in at a booth and see a beautiful pair of earrings I would tag them as beautiful. Tagging helps sellers items show up on the front page of the site which is constantly changing.

The first TMT I participated in was a lot of fun and I got to see booths I had not seen yet and meet people when I visited their booths. I am looking forward to meeting even more people tomorrow as the list is really long of those that joined in for this weeks.

So if your a member of Bonanzle be sure to stop by the TMT thread on the forum and check out the deals all the sellers are offering. If you are not a member yet it will be a great time to join. Even if you are not a participant in TMT it does not matter ANYONE can take advantage of the specials being offered by all the sellers.

Myself I decided to offer 25% off all orders and Free gifts with orders over 25.00 in honor of TMT.

I guess I better get my butt in bed soon so I am up bright and early to make my rounds to all the wonderful booths and take advantage of the sales.


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