Sunday, November 16, 2008

Move Over eBay Your Competition Is Finally Here

I have been selling online for over ten years about now. I started back when Yahoo auctions was popular and eBay was still a nice place to be. Many times I have wished I had saved and invested some of the money I made back then between Yahoo, eBay, and the many other old time online auction sites that have come and gone over the years. I was about to give up lately and stick to only selling books on Amazon but then friends kept telling me about a site called Bonanzle. At first I figured another fly by night site or one where my things would sit and never make a sale like happened to me over on Bidville (Which is also a site gone under). However finally I decided to take a leap, I mean my only other options were to sit and do nothing or go into the business of selling used shoes and socks and such online (Yep I found there is a market for your used dirty clothing, what a world lol).

I took the leap and signed up over on Bonanzle. Right away I noticed that the people there were really friendly and very pumped about the site and not just in words but in actions also. I used to run a Loves To eBay Network so I know how important it is for people to put words into action when promoting something. If you just sit back and try to ride it out and put nothing into what you are doing it will go nowhere. This site Bonanzle was different. In so many ways. That was the first one I noticed though "Active people" very nice change.

Then I made my profile and noticed they had a place to enter my website address. How nice is that? I remember the days when I could put things like that on my eBay about me page without getting booted into the cold, but those days are long since gone too. Not on Bonanzle though, they even had a nice spot for me to enter my URL and they made it into a link for me saving me the trouble of hunting down html code I have for links. What nice people huh?

Wait I noticed something else on my profile page it had a little number for users referred. What is this all about. Later come to find out they award you when you let people know about the site. I had already been pumping out invites to the site before I found out about that, because its just that good of a site, but these guys want to give their members a pat on the back for letting people know about a site that works? A site that you would invite your friends and family to anyway and they want to give you something for doing that? WOW! Thats all I have to say about that. Needless to say when I can I share my referral link because heck if they want to reward me for something I am going to be doing anyway.... I am all for that.

Then there is the fees. Oh no those dreaded horrible fees we all hate so much. We know all about those. They are the things eBay kept increasing. The more we would sell the harder we worked the bigger they got the more they took from us. You just have to love that. Nope not me it sent me running for the hills honestly. I barely ever list on eBay anymore at all. I am doubting I will ever go back there now even to buy. I can't see supporting them when they ripped apart the mom and pop's around the nation who made them what they are today. On Bonanzle though they don't make me pay just to list an item on their site. They have fees, what site thats going to succeed would not have them? Instead though Bonanzle will not take my money unless I get results. Hence when I sell something they take out a low final value fee. I can sell any item up to 10.00 and only pay .50 cents for that item sold. The fee chart goes up gradually but does not surpass 10.00 and that is for if you sold something for I believe it is 1,000.00. You just can't beat that. A site with traffic and low fees only if your item(s) sell.

I bet your thinking your going to have to jump through a million complicated hoops in order to list an item on Bonanzle now. Nope! You hit Sell and you come to a very simple one page listing screen. You can upload your photo and while it is uploading fill in your item info. No time spent twiddling your thumbs waiting for a picture to upload here. Then you can crop it with the built in simple editor. The time I save with their listing process is amazing. On Bonanzle I also don't have to play keep up with the Jone's with making my listing big and fancy with backgrounds and graphics galore. I can simply tell what the item is and describe it add the picture and I am done. Its the norm there. Again so much time not wasted in listing items on Bonanzle.

The forums are wonderful too. I cannot believe the helpful, fun and friendly posts I come across every day. The environment just lifts your spirits and keeps you going. Of course you get the one or two posts of complaining about I don't have any sales coming from people who just started. I have seen most of those people encouraged by others and instead of giving up they push on and start making those sales. What I don't see is constant thread after thread of members fighting like I have on other sites. That makes Bonanzle very different and more likely to succeed for yet another reason.

Bonanzle unlike eBay gives me the choice of what payments I want to accept. I can still accept PayPal or I can accept money orders or even cash if I so choose to do so. I will never comprehend a site telling a seller what form of payment they are allowed to accept. It is my belief and a widely popular belief the only reason eBay would do that is to ensure they get yet another cut of your money and you have no choice. Nope not at Bonanzle they are not dipping into your profits at every twist and turn or telling you how to run your business. Also on Bonanzle they don't have Revolution Money Exchange as of yet as one of the options but I choose to accept it as a payment as well and have it listed in my booth chat and on my profile and they don't mind one bit. Try putting something like that on your eBay auctions or about me page and see how long that lasts.

Okay now I just know your saying to yourself that there has to be a down side. Your saying to yourself that theres probably no support from those running the site over there. Wrong again. So far I have had two times where I had questions and emailed support neither of those times did I get an email back with some generalized response like I have everywhere else. I actually got personalized responses and welcomed to email back if I needed any further help, but I didn't have to because they took their time to explain the answers to my questions right in that email making it so there was no need to email back and forth begging for something that made sense. I have had similar experiences elsewhere that I found myself yelling at my computer screen, but not at Bonanzle I was happy as can be with the personal response I got both times.

I highly suggest Bonanzle hence why I have taken the time to blog about it. Me who knows barely a thing about blogging. I think I covered pretty much everything here but if not theres always those forums over there where your questions will be welcomed or personally drop an email to the site and be amazed when they reply back to you.

The site is almost at 10,000 members now and I know they are going to keep growing. I personally have amazing view counts in my booth and have sold 20 items in under 2 weeks of selling. I have found great sales as well as a buyer. The other morning I was able to get 4 pairs of earrings and a necklace for my daughters stocking and with shipping and all only spent about 7.00. They were all new too. Just can't beat it whether your selling or just looking for great deals.

I almost forgot to mention in each booth there is a chat at the top. You can leave messages for a seller or you can talk to the seller in real time if they are in the booth at the time. Just keep in mind it might say they are there but they might be in another window listing more items for you to browse through so if there is no reply they may have stepped away from the booth for a moment.

Theres so much good things I can write about Bonanzle I am sure I missed something. So be sure to come on over and see for yourself. Once you sign up look me up KimsKorner make sure you let me know you read my blog so I know I am not just talking to myself :)

I am going to include my referral id url that I mentioned earlier and I do appreciate if you use it when signing up, but if you choose not to use it that is fine too just don't miss out on Bonanzle. Jump on the train now because its taking off at the speed of light.

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  1. Hey! Ig you want to bedazzle your blog "The cutest blog on the block" has great easy copy-paste backgrounds! Thanks for the follow!

  2. LOL! I like how you say "so I know I'm not talking to myself" about peoprl leaving comments! If you want some interaction with your site (visitors) try signing up for Entrecard. It's free, and hassle free, easy way to find blogs (so you can see what other people do) and so you can get some traffic to your site (to raise you up in searches!). If you have any questions (that aren't too technical lol) then feel free to comment me!!!

  3. I must recommend not only Bonanzle but Kim as well. She is a terrific seller who will give you the best in products and service!

  4. Well said Kim!
    A great seller and one of many that make Bonanzle such a pleasurable shopping experience.

  5. Kim your terrific as is Bonanza and we all Thank you for your efforts in promoting Bonanzle

    A Little Cool today Neighbor


  6. Standing Ovation :) Jamiro

  7. I feel the same way! Bonanzle is such a friendly site, both for sellers and buyers. It's definitely The Place To Be!


  8. Memaws CollectiblesNovember 17, 2008 at 6:59 AM

    Kim's blog said it all,it's a great place to sell with a friendly, family atmosphere!

  9. Great write up on Bonanzle! So well put! Bonanzle is a great place to be!


  10. Bonanzle rocks! Everybody needs to sign up there! Why not? It's FREE!!!!! What a breath of fresh air to chat in the booths or on the forums with friendly people. Setting up a booth is easy as pie too! Runnnnnnnnn see!

  11. I am having Fun at Bonanzle! I choked on ebay and spit them out in Jan 2008 after 8 years of selling and over 2000 positive feedback!

    As a small-time seller, I have tried many selling sites over the last 10 months and NONE compare to Bonanzle!

    I have sold about 80 at Bonanzle and bought a few too! You know sellers are buyers too.

    I am having FUN at Bonanzle!

  12. Bonanzle is such a wonderful place and I couldn't have said it better Kim. ~HUGS~

  13. Come see what the hype is all about. You will be glad you did. Make new friends while shopping or selling!

  14. Bonanzle is definitely a up and coming marketplace. I now feel back in control of my own business since I opened a couple booths at Bonanzle.

  15. WTG Kim, well thought out blog. Its great! Bonanzle is great!

  16. Bonanzle Rocks!

    Thank you, Kim, for this wonderful and well written blog about the new "IT" place to shop and sell.

  17. Great writup! I love Bonanzle for the same reasons you state, and I have tried just about everything else this year!

  18. Hi Kim,
    Just dropping by to leave my mark. You have done a wonderful job, as all say!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy selling bonanzlers! best site ever!

  19. Kim,
    Great write-up. My sentiments exactly! Bonanzle is gaining ground.....Fast! Go Bonanzle!
    Treasure Attic

  20. Kim,
    How generous of you to plug our new didn't leave any of the good stuff out! The number of members just keep climbing every day and it's getting ready to "take off"! Thanks for your nice article!

  21. Hey Kim,

    Allow me to join in the chorus and thank you for kind words about Bonanzle. Though it has taken the better part of two years for me to get it programmed to the point it is at now, the secret sauce at Bonanzle isn't the "you saw it here first"-features. Those don't matter much. Anybody can copy our features, and they already do.

    But it is the community that makes Bonanzle special.

    What we've found is that when we treat our members with attention and respect, they tend to return the favor sooner or later... sort of like the Godfather... :)

    Like attracts like, and it seems the positive atmosphere is contagious. Your blog does a great job of capturing that spirit.

    Thanks again! Look forward to having you as a member of the community for years to come.

    Bill Harding
    Completely Unbiased Founder, Bonanzle