Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Huge List Of Places To Add Your Link or RSS Feed - Thank You To Everyone Invloved (Updated Frequently)

Hey everyone!

This list will be updated frequently. Many times on Bonanzle & other sites members share places they have found to either place an add for free, a link or to submit your RSS feed from your site, blog or Bonanzle booth. The list below starts with places to put your links compiled by CabinFever from Bonanzle. Then I will keep adding more under this list that I find and that others find. You might find a few doubles between different lists.

Well today I signed into Bonanzle and found a fellow member had been hard at work compiling a list of sites to promote. I cannot take credit for the list I am adding to my blog today ALL CREDIT for the hard work put into this list GOES TO Cabin Fever. You can see Cabin Fever's Booth on Bonanzle here:

Thank you Cabin Fever for all of your hard work. You are truly an awesome person! Now to share here (and for my own selfish reasons of making it easy for me to find the list in a simple click lol).

Master List… (this is done through your mybonanzle page)
Myspace classifieds…

Limey Search – –
UK users
UK Users
UK users
UK users
UK Users
UK users


Canadian –
Canadian –
Canadian –
Canadian –

Not Free but used by some Bonanzlers



Next we have a list shared on the Bonanzle forum by Steve AKA The Jewerly Shack

I put my own notes next to the links as I went through. Not all of them have notes from me but most do. I highly suggest and after you submit your RSS url there search for Bonanzle and BUMP your fellow Bonanzlers entries. Remember if you have a blog do one for the your blog and one for your booth (your booth on Bonanzle RSS feed can be found in "My Bonanzle - Promote - Use Blogs To Promote") (one of my favorites so far) (one of my favorites so far) (one of my favorites so far) (this one wanted a payment so I skipped them) (I could not figure this one out, but maybe someone else can) (this one was easy too) (they are looking for things with news, if your blog includes news good place to put it) (I kept getting error) (they want a link back. Dont know how well it will work for booths but blogs as long as you add a link to them on sidebar in your blog. Just copy the html they give you to include their link) (my favorite so far. When you submit your rss feed make sure you put Bonanzle in the title part so when others search for bonanzle they can BUMP your entry easily)

Yahoo RSS Guide (Irony here – I could get my booth rss feed to go through but not my blog lol) (simple, fast and worked great) (I had trouble finding where to add feed so here is the link right to the spot ) (this one baffles me I can’t figure it out lol) (this is another news one, but if you have something on a blog thats fits news would work well) (they want a link back to them in order to submit. I added their html code for their link to my blog and entered my blog url where they ask for the link back url) (they want a link back that you need to place before submitting your rss feed. This would work great for blogs as you can add the html code in your blog for them then submit your rss feed for your blog) (this one was easy but could not find where to submit at first if you scroll down to list at top of the list on left side says add your feed link) (at the HOME tab, you select the category that fits your feed suggestion, click on that category, then there is a line that says “suggest a feed” and you can enter the feed you think would fit in that category.) (another one I could not find a place to submit, but if you find it let me know lol) (could not get this one to load but not counting it out might be something with my connection) (easy to submit) (a couple people now have said this one wont load) (easy and fast on this one) (well could not find a place to submit, tried entering in custom feeds, looked neat not sure if it did anything though lol) (don’t get this one at all) (I added my blog here, seemed to work. They ask you to add a code in your blog too which I did. I can’t see how to tell if it is really working though, but I guess worth a shot) (did not see where to enter feed but it did have option to add url so I did that)

These RSS directories require free username registration. (worked for blog well but you have to put tracking code in your blog for it to stay. Would probably work for booths on a temporary basis I would think) (you can actually enter feeds here without joining, blue looking box middle right hand side of screen. Pretty easy one too) (doing this one now, looks great and I know it works cause I searched Bonanzle and found some of your booths I will be rating them once I am all signed up there are 2 pages of us there when you search for bonanzle. Open each one and rate with the stars )

MORE SUGGESTED BY OTHER MEMBERS (this one I was able to enter my blog but not my booth. Will have to try again) (you have to click on the categories, then when your in the one that fits scroll all the way to bottom and find submit feed link)


Next we have a list compiled by Shell World from Bonanzle
This info will get anyones store flying PROMOTION CHECKLIST…………
This link cybermall could cause spam to your email,use at own discretion or with a junk email box
Everydaybusinessonline is a classified ads directory
search engines list…
free search directory
106 free submitted search engines fast submit
I seen where people were wanting a feedback system,maybe this could be used,not for certain…
promotion tips
web promotion tips
Here is a huge web directory list to submit your store url to.Submiting to web directories are very important,search engines continuously crawl these.…
This is a fast and nice way to submit your url to multiple search engines simultaneuosly free
If a person doesn’t mind spending a few dollars for having your url manualy submitted to directories,I read good things about this place.
This is one we have not tried,if someone wants to try it and give us blujayers a report on how many hits it brings them.…
This is a free tool for submitting your store url to directories,have also read good things about this.The free one is called truck mode.
A comprehensive guide to stumbleupon…

And Thank you to the many members of Bonanzle for always sharing ideas, tips & places to advertise - the list will keep being added to below

Submit your booth to You can add your store and RSS feed there for Bonanzle.
Write a Squidoo lens, then promote it like you do your stores. Go into other lenses and add your stores there, leave comments about Bonanzle. Submit your squidoo to search engines.
You can also DIGG your lens, Delicious and stumpleupon. Write a blog. It allows you to pull rss feed from your booth. Promote your blog.
Join the google group for bonanzle and post messages.
Kaboodle ranks high in google searches. Build a page. They now have a blogazine where you can highlight shopping items. Whenever we add a blogazine, and then enter “bonanzle shopping” in google search, it generally pulls up the kaboodle on the first or second page. This has been a valuable source.
Blog elsewhere and post in forums.

The above is thanks to Cleos Great Deals on Bonanzle


And more from Bonanzle members below (sorry for any duplicates, it happens sometimes)…

Add your Bonanzle booth link at the two links below

I will continue to add more as I find them. Thanks to many Bonanzle members that share the links the find on the forums for all to use as well


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  2. I want to remember to see this list and go through it to promote - so I linked it to my Blog and it worked!

    Thanks Kim & Cabin Fever!


  3. Hi Kim
    I pot your link on my blog, check it out on

    Best Regards

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  7. Awesome list...thanks for sharing Please also add another free classifiedd website