Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Different Kind Of Blog Promoting Bonanzle

I have seen so many blogs that are just wonderful and full of information about Bonanzle. A social selling site that I personally love as you can see from what I mainly blog about. Today however I got a message from a fellow Bonanzle member letting me know she featured my booth in her blog. Which of course I thanked her for. It is always nice when someone takes the time out to feature you or promote your booth, store, website, blog etc.

Well I headed over to read her blog. What I found was just like Bonanzle. Everything but the ordinary. I would have a hard time even explaining it, but basically it is an ongoing story that she adds a new post to every Tuesday. The booths she features get a picture & link but the blog itself is something very very special. She has found a way to mix her love (and much talented I have to add) for fiction writing with a way for her to help promote Bonanzle.

I found this so new and different I felt I needed to share it with everyone.

Be sure to follow her and check back on Tuesdays for new and exciting reading.
Very talented person here!

I am proud to see my avatar/booth on her outstanding blog!

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  1. Visiting from bonanzle,am now following!