Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Bottoms Up On Bonanzle Great Deals & Fun To Join In

I love this game. You have to sign up no later than Wed by Noon each week. As I am posting this it is Tuesday April 14th so run over and sign up now to participate in this weeks game. Read below to see how it is played. There is no obligation to purchase, but with all the great deals you will want to. All you need to do is make a coupon for BBU with whatever percentage off you choose and add your booth coupon code BBU and what percent off it is to the list. It can only be used on children's items.

All Bonanzalers are welcome to be part of the BABY BOTTOM’S UP. It is a Baby/Youth Selling game on Thursdays! It is a great group to be a part of and a wonderful way to increase sales too! All you have to do is add your booth and what sale discount you are offering on Baby & Youth items in the Sign Up Thread (link is all over this blog post). Each week you want to participate Just sign up again in the new BBU thread for the current week. The sale time begins midnight Wednesday and runs until midnight on Thursday PST (Bonanzle Time).

Below is what they need from each seller who would like to participate:

An example of what you need to post in the thread to join in:
10% OFF With Coupon Code: BBU

And YES this game even has a prize as well!!! The seller with the highest amount of dollars in sales wins a prize. This weeks prize is from Wholesale Jewerly , she is giving away a beautiful “I love you” Herringbone Necklace to the winner! Now how can you beat that, have fun, increase sales, make more money AND possibly win a prize just for making money!!!

Every week a different prize is donated from someone in the group. If you are interested in offering a prize just contact those running the BBU (you will see them in the thread at the top) and let them know what prize you would like to offer and you will be added to the list of supporters of the BBU group. WOW Even more exposure for your booth!

Now The basic guidelines for the BBU game just as shown in the BBU thread:

1. Sign up with your booth name and pecentage off before Wednesday at 12 noon {PST}, your code will be BBU. You must have some discount to qualify, you decide the percentage from 1% – 99%This is your business and you determine how your BBU sale on Thursday’s works.
{If you would like to add a Baby Bottom’s Up catagory in your booth for this promotion , great,if not then that’s fine too~}

2. The items that are qualifying entries in this Bottoms Up Selling Contest are the following:

a. Baby, & youth clothing
b. Baby items {like} Blankets, Toys, Feeding, Diapering, Bathing & Grooming,Educational material and Nursery Decor.

3.When you sell something you stop by the thread and lets us all know so we can celebrate with you and then let me know what items and the total of your sales .{Contact us thru our booth or contact button. }We will keep a list and then be able to determine the winner. You must check in with your total by 1 PM {PST} on Friday ! The winners list will go up at 4 PM {PST} on Friday.

4. Please Follow time lines

a. Sign up by Wednesday at 12 noon {PST}
b. look for the list on Thursday and support your group mates by browsing or better yet buying.
c. get your sales info in by 1 PM {PST} Friday Afternoon.
d. Check the thread after 4 PM {PST} on Friday to see if you WON!

That’s all there is too it…FUN and Sales that’s the motto for BABY BOTTOM’S UP"
Join in and be part of the motivation to put Bonanzle on the Internet map & Increase your own booth sales while doing it PLUS have some fun and get to know other sellers as well.

Have a suggestion?, kudos or a prize donation, please contact the leaders of BBU at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/KatiesBug_tique OR http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/CALIFORNIATREASURES

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