Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Of Best Free Sample Places Walmart.com (written Feb 15th 2010)

One of my favorite places to check for free samples is Walmart.com. For those who do not know, yes Walmart online has a free sample section. The offers change often so check back often (I am guilty of falling behind many times and forgetting to check so missing out on some great ones). My favorite freebie I have received from them would have to be the free toilet paper offers. Once I got one full roll of free toilet paper, and it was name brand BIG roll, nothing skimpy. Then Another time my most favorite was once again toilet paper, but this time not just a BIG roll of Scott toilet paper (which by the way was great but I did find with my old toilet, old pipes and old septic it really is not the best buy from me as while the thickness of toilet paper was nice it was not nice on my old bathroom we had more than a couple back ups) however it was still a great free sample AND came along with a travel pack of moist wipes. Nothing like getting free rolls of toilet paper in the mail. I made sure my dad got his, and my mom also, and some of my friends. My dad wound up giving me his (just because my dad is a great man and figured I could use it, on a tight budget here).

Another wonderful thing about freebies from Walmart. THEY WILL ALWAYS SHOW UP. No wondering IF your free sample will arrive. It will, I have never had a problem. The toilet paper the second time did take almost 6 weeks to get here BUT the important part is it did arrive, funny thing was it arrived on a day that I ran out of toilet paper and had not been stocked up. How lucky is that? Usually the freebies show up in less than 2 weeks. I have had them show up just 4 days after ordering them. So you can feel condifent when filling out the VERY simple forms that you will get your sample without a doubt. (I love the forms too they are really simple not a bunch of hoops to jump through just to get your free sample).

Anyway the point of sharing this with my followers and whomever else likes to hear what is on my mind, what I am doing online to make money, save money or where I am selling, and any advice this every day at home mommy might have is that Walmart.com freebies is a really great place to stop by and check out what they are offering (check often). Hopefully you keep up on it better than I have. I am always doing so much, running in circles I do tend to forget great things like this. Not today though. Today I remembered to go check out Walmart.com and check out the free samples and snag up the freebies that appealed to me. Below I am going to share the freebies they are offering right now (Feb 15th 2010). Don't miss out on these great freebies and keep an eye out for even more to come. I don't think they have any kind of schedule for changing their offers. Its possible when they get to a certain amount offered they cancel that offer and have a new one lined up to go in it's place. IF YOU HAPPEN TO KNOW of any kind of schedule you have noticed if you do the Walmart freebies already OR as you start to do them if you notice any kind of schedule to it, please share in a comment here. Not near enough people comment. I would LOVE to hear from you all. I see you coming. I know people are visiting and reading but to my disapointment comments are rare especially the more I blogged the less comments.

So in addition to sharing the Walmart freebies below I would also like to hear some comments, it can be on any blog I have written. Check back before my surgery for lots of interesting blogs also. Some Bonanzle blogs need a little updating but overall they are still chocked full of great info. Now OFF TO WALMART you go to grab your freebies, and either share them with your family, or fill them out for your family (which I do a lot of times because my family & friends would forget even more than I do ha ha ha).

If there are any problems with ANY links - here in this post or any other please let me know by emailing me at Kim8776@gmail.com (I will be getting an email soon dedicated strictly to my blogging but, since I am going to be starting more blogs in addition to the 2 I have now) but for now that email is find. Or come drop me a message at KimsKorner on Bonanzle as I check those VERY often through the day http://bonanzle.com/kimskorner (as I write this I do not have any items up right now but will soon again,hopefully tonight) still trying to catch up on everything since all the time I have been down after surgery.

Now On to what you REALLY want - the FREE GOODIES! Yeah we know what your here for. To grab some FREE samples, to find out where to grab them and find simple easy links to those free samples to grab them now, fast and simple.

Edit on Feb 16th 2010: I did not manage to get this post up last night. So same samples may not be available. I will try to update this post with the current ones I see this evening tonight at bottom of post. All info about Walmart.com free samples is still the most important part of this blog entry. Thank you

Benefiber Orange Powder Free Sample

Prilosec OTC 24 Hour Protection from Heartburn

UnderwearJams Night Wear (samples in 2 sizes your choice) (this is offered through Walmart Samples but will take you to fill out the free sample form on the UnderJams site itself - opened in separate window for me as all Walmart samples do as well for me)

Sometimes there are more samples than others. These were the ones I found this evening. I cannot promise they will not change at any point in time, even tonight.

Also I wanted to note they also have a section called FREE TOOLS where you can find interesting things in there as well.

AND WALMART OFFERS HUNDREDS of PRESCRIPTION Medicines at only $4.00 - so for those of you that do not have inusurance and don't know how you are going to fill that script that can cost you even up to 100.00 or more depending on the medication. Please check out and make sure your script cannot be filled at Walmart for only $4.00. There are other stores that offer things like this as well. I do not know of any that I am positive do it. I have heard Publix & Target and rumors of others that do similar things as well with certain medications for blood pressure, antibiotics, and much more for a low low price. So you might want to check other places if your medication is not on Walmarts $4.00 list OR if you do not have a Walmart near you.

Hope this blog entry tonight was helpful to some out there at least. If anything I write even just helps out one person than I feel it was worth writing it. THANK YOU for reading. Please hit the follow button over on the side of blog, and leave a comment if you have something to add or just want to say hi. PLEASE no advertising other blogs or sites in the comment sections. You can add your website/blog url where it asks when leaving a comment. Thanks again